Royce – International Master of Magic

Royce – International Master of Magic
Pelt (België)

About Royce
The New Standard in Classic Illusion
For extraordinary acts of illusion, remarkable manipulation acts and innovation beyond compare, more venues seek out the artful talent of Royce. Being the foremost illusionist in the world is no easy task and Royce rises to the occasion with a wide array of creative, masterful acts designed to amaze and astound people of all ages.
A Penchant for Talent and Innovation
Hailing from Holland and performing for a global audience, Royce has mastered the classic art of magic and together, with side entertainer and Feerique Fantastique, Mariandl, the pair perform feats of talent that have often never been seen before on stage or otherwise. From parlour magic, stage acts and illusions, to kick-offs and completely original concepts, an evening with Royce is guaranteed to amaze and delight the senses.
Groundbreaking Achievements
His acts have earned him many industry accolades including the Grand-Prix of the Netherlands for his manipulation show, The Master of Magic Award 2000 for the illusion show, the Art of Expression as well as the Master of Magic Originality Award 2000 for the very same show! Joined by many international acts, Royce was then, and is now, the star of the stage. With many successful shows under his belt such as The Art Of Expression performed in the Efteling parc in the Netherlands and his performance at the Schwarzwald-Parc Arena-theater in Germany as well as many television performances, Royce’s talent is known internationally and worldwide.
1984: Grand Prix of the Netherlands
Awarded by the N.M.U. (Dutch Magic Association)

1985: Magician of the Year
Awarded by Magic Art Centre (Richard Ross †)

2000: The Master of Magic Award
Master of Magic Origianality Award
Awarded by The Magic Lodge

  • Royce – International Master of Magic
  • Royce – International Master of Magic

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