Xander Nichting

Xander Nichting
Xander Nichting
Antwerpen BE

Xander Nichting is music embodied, he is a solo artist, music director, composer, arranger and violinist.
Xander performs on a specially designed electric violin to produce a most distinctive and memorable sound.
He composes his own music and writes and produces extensively for other artists.
Xander was the first to graduate from the Conservatory in the Netherlands with his six-string electric violin, and has continued to perfect his musical abilities every day.
At a young age, Xander found music by playing with a local gypsy group .
That group helped hone his interest in jazz and pop music, which formed the basis for his violin work and his style of music today.
Xander pre-released his first solo album "Out Of The Blue" in april 2009.
At this moment Xander is working on a new album, expected in the summer of 2019.

  • Xander Nichting
  • Xander Nichting

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